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"You are my guest, therefore, I shall conduct myself as your humble host rather than the obnoxious feline that I am.  Enjoy your visit and return soon! "


In January of 1996, I was adopted by a couple that I find somewhat strange. They spend a lot of time sitting in front of a glowing screen and talking with their fingers. They call the machine a "PC". ( That's my nickname, by the way). Their language seems a bit weird too. Every other word is "www" or "http". They often visit with people who aren't really there. Frankly, I'm a little worried about both of them. I have to listen very closely because "midi" and "chat" sound like "kitty" and "cat" and their mouse has a tail as long as your arm. I'm not sure what this means, but they said they would make me a web page if I would "link" to them. ( I told you they were weird).

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Look into my eyes!

Here are the "Links" I mentioned...

Hers is... www.mybonbon.com

His is... www.shoveitwithatowboat.com

You may also visit my Cat Links  if you promise

to return immediately.  Merci!

I understand that my predecessor, Jean Luc, was dearly loved and had his own web page too (with the same "link requirements"). His page is called "Catitude". I've seen it and recommend it!





"Merci, my friend. Your visit is appreciated.  Make a return visit soon, as I'm planning some nice additions now that I know that all I have to do is

"Link".   (Or did he say "Wink"?)"

"Notice my calm

demeanor in the

presence of this



It has been said that a cat has same

expression on his face whether

he sees a moth or an

ax murderer !

Speaking of CATS...



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Oh No! This just can't bee! 




"Nothing escapes my attention."


How long can you hold your breath?


Perhaps you've noticed my obvious perfect health. That, My friends, is attributed to the services of The Two best DVM's in the business... Dr. Gwenn Freitag and Dr. Ann Seabaugh.

Speaking of Dr. Gwenn, When my humans were worried about me sleeping so much

during the day, she remarked "I don't recall ever having to treat a cat for insomnia." 


Who'se your cat?

Here's a real "Hoosier cat" named "Kitty" Duh!    

 From Clarksville Indiana          


This is a link to my new friend Suzy's page.
  Please remember how you got there.

Stay tuned for more information about this cutie...


Scooter lives here...   
Don't forget you have a BACK button

" AWARDS FOR ME??? WOW or is that MEOW "

The MIDI CATS SAY . . . 



I am extremely proud

and greatful...

Thank you, Hera,

for this lovely award.

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Click to Visit Hera's website!




lees_awd.gif (26972 bytes)

And this was presented to me by my favorite royal person, "Princess Lita"

Merci`, my dear!

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humble_cat.jpg (17403 bytes)





Maggie tells me there's been an "Elvis sighting" in Missouri!

It's True

 Click here & see! 


I would like to take time to say "Hello" to

my new friend from Vienna, Missouri.

Her name is     

For any of maggie's friends

who do not believe this message

is really for her. . .

Please Click here!

By the way... For good solid basic cat information(and humor),

visit... http://members.aol.com/meow4mee/page/index.htm

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Pierre Chaton.

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