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The miracle, or the power, that elevates the few is to be found in their industry, application, and perseverance under the promptings of a brave, determined spirit.

~ Mark Twain ~






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  John Hartford's Steamboat Pictures Page    

  Early Levy Scene at Cape Girardeau River Front, 1910


 Let me share this with you.   I am always thrilled by the account of an old steamboat, how powerful she was,

and  some of her adventures and sometimes, of her demise.  

Here, however,  is the modern day tale of a modern day steamboat adventure.

Don't let me spoil it for you.   Listen to Capt. Hay's account of the birth of  "The Wabash Queen"wheel.gif (11491 bytes)
By the way...I don't know where he finds the time...But Capt Hay. is also an author!
Visit his website and check out "Beyond The Bridges"

Catch the mood!

Click and listen...  Like the music? Learn about Caliope's but don't forget to return here.

Delta Queen and Mississippi Queen at Natchez, Mississippi. 

During "The Great Steamboat Race" 1990

  This was exciting! Yes, I was there! Yes, I took the photo!

Same two Boats... 

Same Race 1998...

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Same Excitement... 

Same Photographer

A close look at the Mississippi Queen's

"Department of Persuasion"

River History has a dark side too. Read the account of the"Sultana Disaster"

the worst maritime disaster in history! Yes, even worse than the Titanic in

number of lives lost.