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  "Piloting on the
Mississippi River was 
not work to me; it 
was play--delightful play, vigorous play, 
adventurous play--and I loved it..."
   - Mark Twain  -

"River People" List

  1. Sam Clemens... Capt.

  2. Randy Anis... Capt.

  3. Tony Kelly... Capt.

  4. Bo Little... Capt.

  5. Steve Hartman... Capt.

  6. Willie Garner... Capt.

  7. Les Parker... Fleet Mate

  8. Your name goes here...

  Capt. Sam Clemens  

Capt. Tony's always happy.  Nobody knows why.
Capt. Randy Anis

Capt. Tony Kelley

Capt. "Bo" Little

From the river to the golf course, Capt. Rudy rules!

Capt. Steve pilots one of the biggest boats on the river!

Capt. Rudy York

Capt. Steve Hartman

Capt.  Willie Garner 

Capt. Tyrone Maynard Deck Hand, Lupe Rodrigues Crew boat operator, Buddy Beasley
Capt. Greg Bugg Barge Maint, Brad Dickerson Barge Repair, Mike Newell

Fleet Mate, Les Parker 
"Chow Hound"

Crew Boat Operator  Brian Hill


Barge Maint. Jimmy Thomas